Start a Chapter in your area

Lead mastermind groups and host events that build connection, provide education, and foster wellbeing for entrepreneurial women in your community.


What is a Chapter?

Chapters are the local, in-person communities where the Women& Inc magic happens! And they are incredible business opportunities for women looking to grow their impact and their revenue as a leader in their local community.

All our Chapters are led by hand-selected women who are leaders in their communities, experienced entrepreneurs, and successful role models of how powerful connection between women can be to help you and your business grow.

Chapters produce in-person events and exclusive Mastermind groups, both facilitated by the Chapter Leader. Select Chapter Leaders may also offer 1:1 coaching.


  • Women& Conversations - small, accessible gatherings to foster connection between entrepreneurial women in your Chapter

  • Women& Workshops - more structured, education-focused events presented by the Chapter and led by a guest expert

  • Women& Movements - free, informal, wellbeing-oriented experiences like yoga classes, group hikes, city walks led by the Chapter Leader or a Member


  • Groups of 10-12 entrepreneurial women from the area where the Chapter is based

  • Meet in-person once per month

  • Led and facilitated by the Chapter Leader based on our signature 5 Dimensions Methodology

Coaching (coming soon)

  • If qualified, a Chapter Leader may use our 5 Dimensions Methodology to offer 1:1 coaching

  • Coaching is available in-person locally and as a premium offering inside The Collective

A Chapter can be formed anywhere there is a qualified leader and a community of entrepreneurial women hungry for connection and growth. Chapters are part of Regions, and Regions make up the global Women& Inc community. Chapters host their own events and Mastermind groups using our proven formulas, templates, and schedules. Regions host multi-chapter regional events that bring the larger community of Members and guests together.


  • led by Women& Inc home office

  • host multi-chapter Flagship Events (Women& Whiskey, Women& White, Women& Bubbles)

  • regional Chapter Leader Mastermind groups led by Women& Inc team (coming soon)

  • typically are large city metro areas, counties/territories/states, or other existing geographic regions that make sense (ex. Northern Colorado)


  • led by hand-selected Chapter Leaders (one per chapter)

  • host their own Conversation, Workshop, and Movement events

  • host their own Mastermind groups (up to 3 groups per Chapter Leader)

  • may be geographically defined depending on location (ex. “the Denver Chapter” - NO; “one of the Denver Region Chapters” - YES)

  • can be more than one Chapter in a city depending on size and demographic spread


  • women who join The Collective (online home for membership in our community)

  • attend select Chapter level events for free

  • receive discounts on select Chapter level events and Regional level events

  • priority access to our in-person Mastermind groups and 1:1 coaching from Chapter Leaders

  • membership fees for The Collective are included in Mastermind fees

  • membership is not required to attend Chapter or Regional level events; guest pricing available for every event

We are actively seeking successful entrepreneurial women with established networks and a track record of leadership skills and entrepreneurial success in the following regions to become Chapter Leaders. If you live in one of these regions, or if you have an established network where you live and believe a Women& Inc Chapter would be a good fit, please apply below. Larger metro regions will have multiple Chapter Leaders given the size of the market.

  • Denver

  • Colorado Springs

  • Minneapolis

  • Nashville

  • Salt Lake City

  • Indianapolis

  • Kansas City

  • Omaha

  • Columbus, OH

  • Atlanta

  • San Diego

  • Phoenix

  • Austin

  • Dallas

  • Houston

  • St Louis

  • Portland

  • Seattle

  • Raleigh

  • Miami

  • Boston

  • Chicago

  • New York

  • San Francisco

  • London

  • Toronto

  • Vancouver

  • Sydney

  • Stockholm




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More about Chapter Leaders

Our Chapter Leaders typically are established business owners and leaders in their community with teaching, speaking, or facilitation experience of some kind. They are seeking more connection with other successful entrepreneurial women in addition to the opportunity to generate revenue with events, masterminds, and coaching. 

The most successful Chapter Leaders are:

  • established, successful local business owners - retail, services, real estate, fitness, coaching/consulting, etc

  • comfortable in front of a room and on a microphone

  • experienced with group leadership of some kind - teachers, coaches, consultants, facilitators, etc

  • current or former members of some type of mastermind or peer-learning group - in-person or online

  • not currently actively growing an MLM or network marketing business opportunity

  • looking for a “win-win” addition to their current entrepreneurial endeavors - helping other women and generating additional revenue

  • committed to a physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing practice of some kind

  • relationship-oriented, meaning they have and nurture personal connection with people unrelated to work endeavors - family, children, friends, etc

  • willing to make the growth and profitability of their Women& Inc Chapter a priority

How it works

Women& Inc Chapters are an incredible business opportunity for the right leader.

All potential Chapter Leaders must go through our application and interview process. Once accepted, you sign an Independent Contractor Agreement to work with us using the Women& Inc brand and business model in your community. You are not an employee of Women& Inc, you are not purchasing a franchise of Women& Inc, and you may not use the Women& Inc brand or business model outside of the terms agreed.

You receive extensive training in our 5 Dimensions Methodology, plus our formulas, templates, and schedules for event planning and mastermind facilitation. We also offer training on 1:1 coaching and mentorship, as well as how to structure and grow the profitability of your Chapter business.

Training has 2 parts:

  • required 4 day in-person intensive offered in Fort Collins, CO*

  • online modules housed within The Collective

*You must attend an in-person training within 6 months of starting your Chapter. We host an in-person intensive in Fort Collins, CO six times per year.

Once you’ve completed training, we are with you every step of the way as your Chapter grows, advising on event planning, mastermind recruiting and facilitation, sponsors and partners, marketing, and so much more.

Investment + Income
Becoming a Chapter Leader requires an up front investment for education and training. Revenue earned in your Chapter from events, sponsorships, and masterminds is then split with you pursuant to our confidential compensation model.

Average potential revenue for a Chapter Leader*:

  • Occasional events + one full Mastermind group - $1000-1200/month

  • Monthly events + three full Mastermind groups - $3500-5000+/month

    *Revenue from membership fees in The Collective is not included in the revenue share. Women& Inc reimburses Chapter Leaders for costs associated with hosting events and masterminds. More details about these terms are disclosed during the application and interview process.

What we ask of you:

  • have an LLC or other legal business entity established

  • sign an Independent Contractor Agreement that includes non-disclosure and non-compete language

  • complete all required training offered by Women& Inc

  • build and lead up to three Mastermind groups (10-12 women each) in your Chapter using our proven 5 Dimensions Methodology

  • host a monthly event (Conversation, Workshop, or Movement) following the proven formulas, templates, and schedules we provide as part of your training

  • attend a monthly Chapter Leader roundtable live video call with our founder Lindsay Roselle

  • log in and participate regularly as a leader in the The Collective

  • act as the “face” of Women& Inc in your local community

The benefits you receive:

  • a profitable “add on” to complement your current entrepreneurial endeavors

  • revenue share on all income from events, masterminds, and coaching packages in your Chapter

  • minimal accounting work for you - you will receive a 1099 at years end

  • minimal operational work for you - we handle all systems, ticketing, and collection of fees so you don’t have to worry about it

  • increased visibility of your current/other business(es) within your Chapter as well as in our global community

  • personal and professional growth as a leader and entrepreneur

  • direct access to our founder Lindsay Roselle


The investment to become a Chapter Leader covers enrollment in our training program and chapter set-up costs. Travel and expenses to attend the in-person training is not included.

*We’re offering our founding Chapter Leaders a special reduced fee for the rest of 2019.

payment Plan

Pay in full

  • Initial payment + monthly installments

  • pay by ACH or credit card

Founder’s Investment: $1500 + 3 x $950
(normally $2000 + 3 x $1150)

  • single, one-time payment

  • pay by ACH or credit card

Founder’s Investment: $4000
(normally $5000)


Upcoming in-person training dates:

  • Wednesday, November 6th - Saturday, November 9th, 2019 in Fort Collins, CO

    • Training begins with an afternoon session + dinner on Wednesday

    • Training ends with a morning session + brunch on Saturday

  • January 2020, dates TBD

  • March 2020, dates TBD

  • May 2020, dates TBD



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Do I have to currently own a business to be a Chapter Leader?

We don’t require our Chapter Leaders to already be established entrepreneurs, but we find that to be an important indicator of potential for success. If you feel strongly called to start a chapter and are not currently a business owner, just note that on your application and we can discuss it in more detail with you.

Does Women& Inc help me market my Chapter?

Yes! We handle all digital marketing for your events and masterminds, plus national campaigns for general brand awareness. We also provide branded graphics and assets for you to post on your social media and share through local channels to advertise your Chapter.

Is a Chapter Leader an employee of Women& Inc?

No, they are not. Chapter Leaders sign Independent Contractor Agreements with Women& Inc, which allow them to act on our behalf in a local market to provide events, mastermind groups, and other offerings in alignment with our brand.

Is a Chapter a franchise of Women& Inc?

No, we do not offer franchises of our brand. Chapter Leaders are Independent Contractors operating in a designated market with our programs and offerings and are paid a percentage split of revenue generated in their Chapter.

What is the revenue percentage split a Chapter Leader receives?

We protect this information as part of our proprietary business model. Once a potential Chapter Leader signs our non-disclosure agreement, we share this information with them.

Can there be more than one Chapter in a city?

Yes, depending on the size and demographic makeup of the city. Large metro areas may have many chapters, and no one has the “main” chapter…meaning, in Denver, no one has “the Denver Chapter”. They would have “one of the Denver Region Chapters” and be defined by a smaller geographic region within the city if applicable. Small cities and areas with lower density of female entrepreneurs would only have one chapter in most cases.