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Launching October 2019

Our podcast features episodes in alignment with our 3 core values - connection, education, and wellbeing.

CONNECTION - conversations with incredible entrepreneurial and professional women building in-person and online communities for women. We discuss how they built their communities, their best insights and learnings from leading communities, and other meaningful touch points about creating connection for women.

EDUCATION - interviews with experts, thought leaders, authors, and other leaders from the personal and professional development space. These people (men and women) have an important skill or expertise in a topic to share that serves the mission of the Women& Inc community.

WELLBEING - these episodes are a combination of guided meditations, resource shares, and other musings from our founder and host, Lindsay Roselle.




Guest Inquiries

Are you interested in appearing on our podcast? Or know someone who is? Get in touch below. (If the form is slow to load, just refresh your screen.)