In-Person Masterminds

Our in-person mastermind groups provoke new ways of thinking, provide invaluable insights, and promote friendship and connection in your local community.


✨Enrolling beginning in October for January 2020 start✨

What is a Mastermind?

Define Goals. Refine Strategy. Drive Growth. 

Every day you make decisions in your business, your brand, and your life. What if you had the support of a group of women like you to help make those decisions easier? A mastermind provides a peer advisory board of women like you seeking to be the best at what they do. Trusted, experienced, vetted members offering you powerful, reliable advice in an environment intentionally facilitated for maximum value. It creates an unparalleled opportunity for personal and professional growth. It also allows you to share your knowledge and help other women succeed too. All while growing your leadership, speaking, and connection skills!

Benefits of a mastermind include:

  • Leadership development

  • Goal setting

  • Accountability

  • Out of the box thinking

  • Problem solving/brainstorming

  • Decision-making support

  • Connection with other women

  • Consistent group of trusted advisors

  • Mutual respect and understanding that you’re all there to help each other

  • Ability to learn from each other’s businesses and lives

  • Help other people succeed

  • …and so much more!


Is a Mastermind for me?

Our women-only Masterminds are designed to benefit all women at any stage of life, no matter where you're at with your business or career. Rather than focusing exclusively on business issues and advice, we focus on our signature 5 Dimensions Methodology and related content and resources for the purpose of personal and professional growth. Whether you're a small business owner, an online entrepreneur, a work from home mama, or anything in between, you will gain insights and ideas to accelerate your success in your work and your life. 

Our Mastermind members include:

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Small business owners and managers

  • Franchise owners and managers

  • Speakers and authors

  • Coaches and consultants

  • Home-based entrepreneurs

  • Teachers and instructors

  • Corporate employees in transition to entrepreneurship

  • Influencers and thought leaders

  • Real estate agents, financial planners, and other entrepreneurial professionals

  • Women early in their entrepreneurship journey

  • Women mid-entrepreneurship journey looking to take it to the next level

  • Women with a high level of success as entrepreneurs seeking to continue to grow and to give back


What sets our Masterminds apart from others?

  • Women only

  • Everyone is vetted. Admittance to the Mastermind requires application and approval by our team and the Chapter Leader who leads the group

  • Maximum of 12 women per group to ensure connection and value

  • Focus on personal and professional growth

  • Personal development content is included each meeting

  • Clear and defined facilitation structure during our meetings maximize effectiveness and value to you

  • Facilitated by our highly trained Chapter Leaders who are successful local entrepreneurs with broad expertise in business and a variety of life experience

  • Expert facilitation means conversations stay on topic and of high value, and everyone has a chance to speak and to listen

  • Hosted in private locations to encourage intimate conversation

  • Exclusive and confidential. Everyone in the room signs a blanket NDA


What will I gain from participating?

• Leadership skills
• Connection with other women
• Business and career growth
• Presentation and speaking skills
• One-on-one mentorship with facilitators
• Monthly goal tracking

• Actionable insights
• Candid conversations
• Tough questions
• New perspectives
• Reliable advice
• Powerful accountability

Apply to a Mastermind

Every Women& Inc Chapter offers in-person Mastermind groups. Are you ready to take your personal and professional growth to the next level, find one near you!