Meet Our Founder

After almost 10 years in the corporate world, Lindsay craved in-person community with other entrepreneurial women like her…so she created it.


About Lindsay

In early 2014, after nearly a decade in the corporate world, Women& Inc founder Lindsay Roselle sought out a group of successful, supportive women to connect with as mentors to help her generate ideas and brainstorm solutions to challenges related to her small business. Realizing that few opportunities for that type of connection already existed outside of a personal network, Lindsay had the initial idea for what would later become Women& Inc.

By Spring 2015, Lindsay had shared the idea with several other entrepreneurial women in Fort Collins who all expressed similar desires for connection, so the first event - Women& Whiskey - was planned for late March. Expecting 15-20 women to come, almost 90 showed up, and the organization was officially born. Since then, Women& Inc has hosted connection events every other month focused on bringing women together to learn more about each other, share advice and ideas, and get educated about craft spirits at Social.