Women& Inc Mastermind

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What is a Mastermind?

Define Goals. Refine Strategy. Drive Growth. 

Every day you make decisions in your business, your brand, and your life. What if you had the support of a group of women like you to help make those decisions easier? A mastermind provides a peer advisory board of women like you seeking to be the best at what they do. Trusted, experienced, vetted members offering you powerful, reliable advice in an environment intentionally facilitated for maximum value. It creates an unparalleled opportunity for personal and professional growth. It also allows you to share your knowledge and help other women succeed too. All while growing your leadership, speaking, and connection skills!

Benefits of a mastermind include:

  • Leadership development

  • Goal setting

  • Accountability

  • Out of the box thinking

  • Problem solving/brainstorming

  • Decision-making support

  • Connection with other women

  • Consistent group of trusted advisors

  • Mutual respect and understanding that you’re all there to help each other

  • Ability to learn from each other’s businesses and lives

  • Help other people succeed


Is this Mastermind for me?

Our women-only Mastermind is designed to benefit all women at any stage of life, no matter where you're at with your business or career. Rather than focusing exclusively on business issues and advice, we focus on leadership development for the purpose of personal and professional growth. Whether you're a small business owner, a corporate employee, or a work from home mama, you will gain insights and ideas to accelerate your success in your work and your life. 

Our members include:

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Small business owners and managers

  • Franchise owners and managers

  • Corporate managers

  • Non-profit managers

  • Executives and leaders

  • Home-based entrepreneurs

  • Young women early in their careers

  • Women mid-career looking for advancement or change

  • Women in transition to semi-retirement

What sets our Mastermind apart from others?

  • Women only

  • Everyone is vetted. Admittance to the Mastermind requires application and approval by our team

  • Maximum of 12 people to ensure connection and value

  • Focus on personal and professional growth

  • Leadership development content is included each meeting

  • Clear and defined structure during our meetings maximize effectiveness and value to you

  • Facilitators are successful local entrepreneurs with broad expertise in business and a variety of life experience

  • Facilitators keep conversations on topic and of high value, ensuring everyone has a chance to speak and to listen

  • Luxury, private location to encourage intimate conversation

  • Exclusive and confidential. Everyone in the room signs a blanket NDA


What will I gain from participating?

• Leadership skills
• Connection with other women
• Business and career growth
• Presentation and speaking skills
• One-on-one mentorship with facilitators
• Monthly goal tracking

• Actionable insights
• Candid conversations
• Tough questions
• New perspectives
• Reliable advice
• Powerful accountability


Meeting Details


The Women& Inc Mastermind Group 2 is hosted on the second Wednesday of each month from 9am-2pm

2019/2020 dates:

  • April 10th

  • May 8th

  • June 12th

  • July 10th

  • August 14th

  • September 11th

  • October 9th

  • November 13th

  • December 11th

  • January 8th (2020)

  • February 12th (2020)

  • March 11th (2020)


Ginger and Baker in Fort Collins, Colorado


Each session is facilitated by our leaders to ensure conversations stay on track and the goal of the meeting is accomplished. More details about the specific structure of the meetings will be shared during your interview. 

Sessions include:

  • Wellbeing check-in for all members

  • Featured Member presentation

  • Conversation and discussion related to Featured Member's presentation

  • Structured problem solving workshop

  • Other content as applicable based on monthly topic


The Mastermind is facilitated by Women& Inc founder Lindsay Roselle. She will be joined by various Women& Inc Collaborators throughout the year.



Your first and largest investment is your time. We know 5 hours of your day once a month is worth exponentially more than any fee we might charge. Before you join the Mastermind, you must be willing to make the investment in yourself and others by committing  the time so that you are fully present in the room during the meeting. You will gain from the Mastermind in proportion to what you contribute. 

12 month commitment is strongly preferred.

Mastermind Fees:

  • Paid in Full: $4000 (save $800)

  • Monthly Payment Plan: $400/month

We require a credit card on file and will automatically charge your card for your monthly membership fee each month. We do not offer refunds on monthly or annual payments. 

If you are self employed, your participation in the Mastermind is most likely a business write off! If you are an employee or executive of a small business or corporation, it is common practice for your employer to cover your Mastermind fee as part of your corporate leadership development. 

Your Mastermind investment benefits include:

  • Special discount on other Women& Inc events

  • Exclusive hosted socials and mixers with other Mastermind members

  • Access to quarterly workshops, boot camps, or speakers in special sessions separate from the monthly meeting

  • Private Facebook group for regular check ins and accountability between in-person meetings

  • One-on-one mentorship from Mastermind facilitator

  • Opportunity to share and market your business through the Women& Inc network

  • Ability to sponsor a pre-vetted guest to attend prior to their enrollment in the Mastermind


Monthly Meeting Details

Each monthly Mastermind session includes coffee/pastries in the morning and a full lunch of your choice from Ginger and Baker's Cafe. Lunch will be served in our meeting room. 

We provide a white board and AV equipment for presentations and suggest each member bring whatever you prefer to take notes on. We ask that you refrain from using your laptop or phone for note-taking to minimize distraction for you and your fellow members. Phone's must be on Do Not Disturb mode during the meeting.

All new members receive a welcome gift, which includes a custom branded Mastermind journal, pen, and water bottle/thermos.


We strongly prefer our Mastermind participants to commit for at least one year. If you would like to permanently give up your spot in the Mastermind prior to the completion of your one year commitment, you need to give 30 days notice. If you will miss a month due to travel or other obligations, we still require payment since you receive the other monthly benefits and are considered an active member (unless otherwise agreed). We do not provide refunds on Mastermind sessions you do not attend.

Apply now.

Learn how you can tap the experience and advice of exceptional women leaders in our community to drive outstanding results in your business and your life! Upon submission of the application form below, we’ll be in touch with more information and the option to schedule a consultation call with Lindsay.


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