What is a Mastermind anyway?

Although the concept has been around for nearly a century, ‘Mastermind’ is a relatively new term. Maybe you’ve heard the term, but are wondering what it is exactly and if it’s something you should consider. In today’s post, we’re breaking it down for you.

A Mastermind is a group of people that meet regularly to brainstorm, share knowledge, and offer peer accountability. With the common goal of personal and professional growth, a Mastermind is a space for you to get the support you need as you navigate challenges and obstacles in your life and business, while also supporting other like-minded peers. They are incredibly beneficial - and now that the word is out, Masterminds are taking off, and we’re all for it! And it’s not all business. Masterminds also offer a support system that can help you in all areas including health, relationships, finances, family, and more. We all know how intertwined work and life are, and although the “perfect balance” of it all does not exist, we can strive for alignment through Mastermind discussions and support.

The Game-Changing Benefits of Joining a Mastermind

Joining a Mastermind is the first step in upleveling your success in work and life. You’ll have the opportunity to set goals and refine them constantly with the help of your peers. A Mastermind serves as a powerful source of accountability that will help you turn your goals and dreams into reality through actionable insights. 

Confidentiality allows you to be completely open about issues that you may not be able to discuss with those that are directly associated with your business. The unbiased opinions that your Mastermind can give you could be the feedback that you need - and your friends and family aren’t telling you. A Mastermind is a safe space for you to work through dilemmas and receive candid feedback from other people who get it or have been there too. By putting your heads together and tackling challenges as a group, everyone in the Mastermind learns from each other and rises together.

We know that making major decisions that could dramatically affect your business can feel lonely and overwhelming, and how helpful it can be to talk through your thoughts with a group of trusted, experienced people who get it. Their unique and diverse perspectives can offer insight and ideas that you might not have considered otherwise.   

It’s important to regularly step back from the daily grind to see your business from a new lens. Dedicating a day to a Mastermind gives you the opportunity to consider your current current strategies and actions, reflect on what’s working and what’s not working, and then pivot or refine as necessary. 

The Women& Inc Mastermind was designed for you to connect with other entrepreneurial women in your local community. Our women-only model allows you to speak candidly about the challenges of being a woman and an entrepreneur, and feel comfortable asking for help, no matter what stage of life or business you’re in.

As women, we greatly benefit from collaboration over competition. When we channel the power of collaboration, we get more done, and we get it done better, all while propelling each other forward. These women will hear you, see you, learn from you, and be your biggest cheerleaders. Whether you’re looking to develop your leadership skills, become more comfortable speaking, improve your connection skills, or all of the above, these women will be by your side every step of the way. Many women have said that joining a Mastermind has contributed to living a more meaningful life, as being a part of a group gives you a sense of purpose and belonging, plus new friends that get it

Although Masterminds can take many different forms, the Women& Inc Mastermind is in-person only, and we feel strongly that that face-to-face interaction is a critical piece of building strong interpersonal connections with the members of your group. And for women that work remotely, this scheduled, in-person connection is invaluable. Sometimes, it can get lonely and feel isolating to work from home, and although we love Slack and Zoom, they’ve got nothing on a day spent together with other entrepreneurial women away from everything else. 

At Women& Inc we believe in balancing entrepreneurship with personal wellbeing, which is why we developed our 5 Dimensions Methodology as the facilitation framework for our Mastermind meetings. The 5 dimensions - work, money, fun, health, love - each affect each other as elements of our overall success as women entrepreneurs. We are at the intersection of work and life constantly, which is why each session begins with a 5 Dimensions check-in for all. Through conversation, discussion, and problem solving, we help each other to achieve alignment in all areas of life, with an emphasis on progress, not perfection. We give you full permission to come as you are and we’ll help however we can. 

Need more proof? Here is what our current members have to say…

“I am so grateful for my Women & Inc. Mastermind.  This group came to me at a time where I needed to see women in a different light.  This mastermind group has been a non-judgmental place for us to talk about business, life, kids, love, health and everything else in between.  Having a tribe that encourages, offers ideas and thoughtfully listens is a game changer. I wish that I had found something like this 10 years ago when I opened my business.  So happy to have this support in my life!” - Susan H

“Mastermind has been incredibly helpful in my business. Coming together with like minded people to share ideas has really helped me move my business with ideas, direction and feedback. Before joining the Mastermind owning a business felt very lonely. Wondering if what you are dealing with is normal. As well as being in situations were you felt like you had no one to help you bring clarity to situations and decisions. Having a group of people who you can safely bring your struggles and ideas to is very helpful and a relief. I think for me bottom line is Mastermind has made owning a business not such a lonely place to be. For me that in its self is well worth it! Not to mention the camaraderie that has been made along that way. I love the women in our group. Look forward to seeing them each month.” - Rachel P

“One of my favorite things each month is meeting with my awesome Mastermind crew. This group challenges, supports and brings out of the best in one another. Not only have I made 12 new friends, but I have learned so many new things from these women, to name a few: acupuncture, chiropractic care, SEO, real estate, fitness, and the list goes on.  After ~10 months of meeting every month, we all truly have a bond that is different than something I have with my regular friends. I feel like we can all be our true selves in front of one another and share some deeper topics than I normally would not with friends. Not only that, everyone is always willing to help one another and genuinely want the best for each other. By far one of the best investments I made in myself this past year.” - Katy S

Lindsay Roselle