What is a Mastermind anyway?

Although the concept has been around for nearly a century, ‘Mastermind’ is a relatively new term. Maybe you’ve heard the term, but are wondering what it is exactly and if it’s something you should consider. In today’s post, we’re breaking it down for you.

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Lindsay Roselle
Why Connection Between Women Matters

It’s true that business can be cutthroat at times. And yes, it certainly takes strength to succeed. But historically speaking, strength in business has been associated with masculinity. We have always thought of businessmen to be direct, assertive and powerful, whereas feminine qualities in business have long gone unrecognized, or even looked down upon. Women in business have always been portrayed as catty, jealous and manipulative - especially with other women - which has left us all feeling confused, lonely, and unsupported.

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Welcome to the Women& Inc blog!

We’re Women& Inc, a community platform on a mission to foster the collective success of women through connection, education, and wellbeing related to career and business.

With the expansion of Women& Inc, we decided it was time to do something we’ve always wanted to do: start a blog! And before you think, not another blog…. Let us tell you why we’re here. 

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