About Us

Women& Inc was founded by entrepreneur and Fort Collins, Colorado native Lindsay Roselle to bring women in the Northern Colorado community together for connection, education, and wellbeing related to their businesses and careers. Originally devised to be small gatherings over craft whiskey at local speakeasy Social, the organization grew quickly into larger, but still intimate, events attended by hundreds of incredible women from the area. 

Women& Inc is commited to being an inclusive platform for women to connect with and learn from each other about entrepreneurship, business, and careers, and how to balance all of that with a lifestyle focused on wellbeing. At the core of our mission is a belief that women supporting other women is one of the most powerful influences on success in modern society. We strive to help our community of women connect over common interests, shared passions, and complimentary business and career activities. 

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About Our Brand

The name "Women& Inc" was created very intentionally to represent the mission of the organization. Our focus is on creating connection between women who support other women in the creation, development, and growth of their businesses, careers, and lifestyles. The words "Women" and "Inc" were thus chosen to represent that focus.

The use of the "&" is designed to portray the importance of our belief that women are defined by more than just one thing. As women, we are so many things at once, all of which contribute to our success and wellbeing. The idea of helping the women we connect with to "embrace your and" is at the heart of our organization's ethos.