Welcome to Women& Inc

I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.
— Brené Brown

Women& Inc was born of an idea to create a platform to change the way we connect with other women in our communities.

About Us

Women& Inc was founded by entrepreneur and Fort Collins, Colorado native Lindsay Roselle to bring women in the Northern Colorado community together for connection, education, and wellbeing related to their businesses and careers. Originally devised to be small gatherings over craft whiskey at local speakeasy Social, the organization grew quickly into larger, but still intimate, events attended by hundreds of incredible women from the area. 

Women& Inc is commited to being an inclusive platform for women to connect with and learn from each other about entrepreneurship, business, and careers, and how to balance all of that with a lifestyle focused on wellbeing. At the core of our mission is a belief that women supporting other women is one of the most powerful influences on success in modern society. We strive to help our community of women connect over common interests, shared passions, and complimentary business and career activities. 


About our brand

The name "Women& Inc" was created very intentionally to represent the mission of the organization. Our focus is on creating connection between women who support other women in the creation, development, and growth of their businesses, careers, and lifestyles. The words "Women" and "Inc" were thus chosen to represent that focus.

The use of the "&" is designed to portray the importance of our belief that women are defined by more than just one thing. As women, we are so many things at once, all of which contribute to our success and wellbeing. The idea of helping the women we connect with to "embrace your and" is at the heart of our organization's ethos. 



In early 2014, after nearly a decade in the corporate world, Women& Inc founder Lindsay Roselle sought out a group of successful, supportive women to connect with as mentors to help her generate ideas and brainstorm solutions to challenges related to her small business. Realizing that few opportunities for that type of connection already existed outside of a personal network, Lindsay had the initial idea for what would later become Women& Inc. 

By Spring 2015, Lindsay had shared the idea with several other entrepreneurial women in Fort Collins who all expressed similar desires for connection, so the first event - Women& Whiskey - was planned for late March. Expecting 15-20 women to come, almost 90 showed up, and the organization was officially born. Since then, Women& Inc has hosted connection events every other month focused on bringing women together to learn more about each other, share advice and ideas, and get educated about craft spirits at Social. 



We spotlight our event sponsors and attendees by sharing their answers to 5 intention-loaded questions we love. Read our inaugural interview below featuring our own Founder Lindsay Roselle. 

I'm a woman and...?

...and an entrepreneur, a daughter, a sister, a mama, a yogi, a horsewoman, an astronomy nerd, an occasional workout fanatic, a whiskey drinker, a Colorado native, an idea person, a world traveler, a corporate manager turned small business owner, a mentor, a friend, a teacher, AND a lifelong student. 

Describe a woman in your life that supported you. How do you now support other women?

Gosh, there have been several! My mom and stepmom both have been instrumental throughout the years in their own ways by providing insight, advice, and a sometimes-warranted swift kick in the butt. Probably the most notable woman over the last 5 years of my life in terms of providing unconditional support was my horse trainer Lynn. While teaching me how to rebuild the relationship with my horse after a severe accident she saw all my triumphs and all my demons and yet steadfastly believed in my ability to show up, persevere, and grow. Those lessons at the barn have universal applicability to my entrepreneurial pursuits now, and her support was key to me having the confidence to jump from the security of the corporate world to business ownership. 

I admit I haven't always been the best example of how to support other women. During my corporate days there wasn't a strong system of women supporting women established in our organization. Without a strong female mentor and role model supporting me, I often let stress, impatience, and competitiveness lead in my interaction with other women. Coming out of the corporate world and into entrepreneurship, I learned quickly that my attitude about, energy, and approach to supporting other women needed to evolve. It was once I began to seek out support myself from women who could help me evolve in this respect that I realized how uncommon it was to talk about how women support other women in entrepreneurship, business, and careers. In doing my own work to grow into being more authentic in my support of other women, I sensed how large the opportunity was to connect other women on the same journey, so I created Women& Inc. My goal now is to grow the organization into a global platform for women supporting women in embracing their ands, pursuing their goals, and living lifestyles of abundant success and wellbeing. 

What is the biggest source of inspiration for your business/career/lifestyle?

For me its a combination of influential women I admire + the achievements of the women I work with in my businesses + my own success and the exhilaration of building on that momentum. In terms of influential women I admire, I have to give a huge shout out to Brené Brown, who has been instrumental over the last several years as an inspiration for my personal growth. Her teachings about owning our stories and how to process shame, vulnerability, and fear are life-changing. 

My biggest daily source of energizing inspiration though comes from seeing the women I work with in my businesses and at the yoga studio expand and evolve as individuals and entrepreneurs. I literally get a little teary-eyed talking about some of them and the incredible things they're doing. Endless, whole-hearted inspiration!

What does a typical day in the life of you look like?

It has taken a while for me to establish a routine as an entrepreneur that works from home, but I think I've mostly got it down these days. Most weekdays I'm up around 5:30am to hang out with my early-rising little guy Sawyer. I make breakfast and coffee before starting work around 8am when our nanny arrives. On days that I don't teach yoga I spend a solid 10 hours or so working with my clients and on my businesses, mostly from home. I try and hit up a noon class at Orangetheory or AMP Pilates and then get back to work. Depending on what my priority is for the day, sometimes I sneak in an afternoon coffee date with a friend or business contact to break up the day and inspire creativity. I try and turn the computer off in the evenings to digitally detox for a couple of hours before bed around 9:30 or 10pm. Weekends are actually pretty similar, except that we try to work less and get outside more. Since having Sawyer in June 2017 we really try and keep weekends as work-free as possible (except during nap time) so that he sees his parents living some semblance of "work/life balance".

Give us a snapshot of your 10 year vision.

For me, 10 years from now looks like an amplified version of today. Successful businesses, living in Colorado, traveling freely around the world, enjoying my friends, and loving my family SO much. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to build an organization that creates the opportunity for connection, education, and wellbeing between women in a supportive environment that honors and elevates authenticity, approachableness, and acceptance.  

We are about strong, happy, and ambitious women who are out experiencing and contributing to the world coming together to reconnect and whole-heartedly encourage each other.

We are a platform for women to support other women in being successful; for women to encourage each other to embrace their "ands"; for women to hold accountable and be held accountable to the pursuit of the lifestyle that really light them up.