Thank you for attending Women& Bubbles!

Your support of the Women& Inc organization has been incredible, and we are so grateful to each and every one of you. 
We'll be announcing 2018 programming soon. We hope to see you at future events!

Women& Bubbles Photos

Thank you again to PHOCO Photography and Video for the amazing photos! 
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Women& Bubbles 2017 Sponsors

Event Sponsors:


PHOCO is a collective team of photographers, filmmakers, and designers. They are visual story-tellers that believe our creative culture is woven of invisible threads of goodwill among a team that believes in one another; Art is carried on the wings of this kinship. As of 2016, they continue to do work for individuals and fairly companies, including Southwest Airlines, Live in the Vineyard, HP, Colorado State University, and Seagate. They were honored to be named Top Photographer in Colorado for 2015 by ColoradoBiz Magazine. Most recently, they have been hired to work along side many musicians through their partnership with Live in the Vineyard, a music festival held in Napa, California.


Lace & Lilies

Lace and Lilies is a Speciality Floral Design Studio based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Lace and Lilies travels world wide and is hip to the scene and all things floral. As a side note, the bouquets from last week's event are STILL alive and gorgeous on Women& Inc founder Lindsay's dining room table. These ladies are talented!



Ginger and Baker

Since 1905, this old grain mill has been a gathering place. For years, she welcomed farmers, ranchers and townspeople to pick up feed and supplies and catch up with friends. Today, after giving the old building a whole lot of love, we’ve again opened the doors on a place we hope will continue to bring friends together, both old and new. Take a quick tour:

Market & Bakery – pick up a coffee, fresh-baked pie or bread and the perfect gift.
The Café –  bring the family and enjoy a new take on farm-to-table American classics.
The Teaching Kitchen – take a class on cooking, beer or whisky tasting, art and more!
The Cache – discover the best in Colorado cuisine and a curated list of more than 130 wines.
The Rooftop – enjoy our open-air bar complete with food, fireplace and big screen TV.
Event Spaces – The Mill Top and Wine Cellar offer beautifully unique places to celebrate.


Gift Sponsors:

Amari Creative

Amari Creative is a full-service branding and design studio focused on building high quality, everlasting brands through stunning design and captivating storytelling.

Ali Hicks-Wright, the one-woman show behind Amari, works with entrepreneurs to bring brands to life and grow businesses. Amari is the exclusive brand strategist  for Women& Inc, Men& Inc, Lindsay Roselle, Libby Lyons, and many other local businesses.

Amari (adj.)  /e'mar-i/: undying, everlasting beauty and quality


Nourish Nutrition

Nicole Sattler is the Nutritionist and owner of Nourish Nutrition; she is truly passionate about helping others achieve optimal health as a result of her own health journey. She believes in getting to the root cause of illness and disease and does so with a functional approach to nutrition. When you work with Nicole you will be equipped with the tools needed to restore function, take control of your health and achieve ultimate wellness. Her goal is to help you nourish your body and create lifelong change. She offers services to fit every need and is excited to connect with you. "Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be food" -Hippocrates



Samantha Suhr

Samantha Suhr is a Goals & Mindset Coach committed to helping ambitious entrepreneurs free up time in the schedules to focus on what is most important to them. When you free your life and schedule from clutter, you are truly able to set focus on your goals and surpass all expectations. Samantha believes in collaboration over competition, and chooses to grow with her clients, no above them.




at spavia, you receive a spa experience and services from the utmost professional specialists who deliver results at an affordable price in a beautiful day spa setting. join the spavia membership and relax, escape and thrive every month. our full line of services include massage, skin care, body wraps and scrubs, waxing, tanning and more. spavia is open 7 days a week and you may also schedule your spa appointments online or on the spavia app. spavia is your retreat, with resort-like amenities such as spa robe, spa sandals, relaxing retreat areas, tea offrerings, warm neck wraps, showers and more!

Table Sponsors:


AMP Pilates & Fitness


AMP Pilates & Fitness is not your ordinary Pilates studio! Our group reformer and tower classes are high-energy, athletic and totally addicting. We have classes suitable for the person who is just starting their fitness journey as well as the seasoned athlete! In addition to our popular group classes, we also offer Private and Semi-Private sessions for those who want a more customized workout. To put icing on the cake…. we offer childcare! Come workout with us and feel muscles you never knew existed…. your body will thank you!


Lindsay Roselle


Lindsay is an entrepreneur, yoga teacher, and coach. She is energized by inspired women who want to improve their performance in their current pursuits, build and run their own successful businesses, or explore ideas that could become their life's purpose. She believes in doing the f*&%ing work, while still being accountable to your self-care and wellbeing. Lindsay’s coaching teaches current and aspiring entrepreneurs how to grow the impact of their work through applied strategic branding and high impact original content. Lindsay believes that entrepreneurship is hard, it's vulnerable, it takes grit, curiosity, trust, confidence and ACTION. It's also incredibly rewarding, impactful, and the best path to freedom she knows.



Libby Lyons

Libby Lyons is a small business owner, yoga teacher, and coach.  Libby loves brainstorming, empowering, and strategizing with other business owners.  She believes that there is a strong foundation in community and connection.  As co-founder of Women& Inc, Libby has the opportunity to help women feel supported and empowered, both as people and as business owners or leaders. As a yoga teacher Libby reminds us of balance and wellbeing. Libby finds the most joy in teaching vinyasa, where she can blend all the trainings she has taken over the years to create something that is unique, intelligent, challenging, compassionate, and perhaps most important to her, fun. Libby believes that the advice you receive on your mat is easily translated to your life and your work.  Libby's true passion lies in helping people to find a balance between their hustle and their flow. 



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